30 years of experience reducing risk by protecting people, property, assets and information around the world.

About Us

For three decades Bower has provided security and management services in the Coachella Valley with the utmost integrity and professionalism unmatched in the industry. The team at Bower, with over 150 years of combined leadership experience, are experts in all areas of security planning and management. Bower Events influence goes far beyond the local services it provides to major events and companies in the Coachella Valley. Bower has successfully provided security, management and consulting services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We are a local company with an international reach.

These experiences enable our management team to see and address identified security and safety concerns often before the client even is aware of them, preemptively limiting liability and protecting the assets of our clients. We measure our success through one metric, by exceeding our client's expectations. We set the highest standards of service in our practice, requiring passion and integrity in all endeavors, and we expect a desire to provide superior service from all of our high-quality team members. All with the one goal in mind, providing unsurpassed services to our clients who deserve nothing less.

The Bower mission is to deliver services built on four core qualities:
1) A “Client-Centric” focus by all employees;
2) responsive management team;
3) teamwork and a “can-do” attitude;
4) quality performance management and discipline in our business practices;
5) an Officer Firstprogram that exhibits the company's dedication to taking care of its employees both personally and professionally.
About Us About Us

Security Solutions

Threat Management - When a threat exists, we not only identify it, but respond to it. Whether a cyber or Physical threat, we have the technology, expertise, and people that can respond decisively.  

Security Planning - Planning for security incidents is a challange. There are a lot of factors that intertwine, and they are all important to the planning process. Complete asset identification, assessing current and future threats, analyzing vulnerabilities, and evaluating current security systems and processes are all important to the process. This is where we thrive. Leverage our experience to develop security plans that look at the big picture and account of any factor.

Information & Cyber Security - Your people and property are important to you and your business, but are you protecting your digital assets as well? We can make sure that you have the tools and processes in place to protect all aspects of your business. 

Executive & VIP Protection - Our people have protected individuals around the globe and understand the challenges regional and cultural norms can have on security design and implementation. 

Security Training Services (Both Physical & Cyber) - You can't expect your staff to do the right thing if they don't know what right looks like. We can help. With training that covers all types of threats, we can make sure that your staff has the tools to protect themselves and others. 

Consulting Solutions

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments - It is not the threat that's known we need to worry about the most, those can be mitigated. It is the unknown vulnerability that usually is exploited by malicious people and groups. Our highly experienced security operators are able to utilize their extensive security experience in diverse environments to identify the risks that most don't even see, but now you will.  

Security Audits & Penetration Testing - We can test your current security systems to verify that your security program is actually effective. A third set of eyes can help identify the holes that exist in your current programs and systems. We will provide you with the information necessary to make appropriate changes to your security posture and help you obtain buy-in from steak-holders about needed changes.

Risk Assessments - Knowing is half the battle, and our people know a lot. We investigate all possible threats and vulnerabilities, including affective violence, sometimes called impulsive, emotional or reactive violence concerns.

Security Training Services (Both Physical & Cyber) - Once deficiencies are known, it's time to get your team up to speed on what you have learned. Let us help train your team so they become part of your security solution.


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Richard Bower

President / CEO

David Sawler, CSSP, CPP®

Chief Security Officer